Rebecca Saldaña, Washington State Senator, 37th District

Marty McLaren


“Working with Molly has been an incredible experience. She is selfless, highly-motivated, and a leader for change. The impact she’s made on campus and abroad has fostered equity and inclusion–and inspired others, including myself, to put into practice the idea of paying it forward in life. She has gone above and beyond to help me achieve my goals–both academically and professionally–and I’m confident that she would do the same for anybody else.”
– Datyous

“Molly develops an immediate connection that parallels family. The first day I came to Student Support Services and met Molly Mitchell the environment was so welcoming and inviting that I’ve been there every day since. It’s like home.”
– Myron Curry

“My experience with Molly has been full of faith, joy, and enthusiasm.
She has an amazing  talent to weave her knowledge, wisdom, and experience 
from her life and transfer them to benefit the students as well as the staff.
Molly is passionate and sincere in her life and work; love her energy.”
– Student

“From my time of attempting to reach out from incarceration to find a footing into
the education department within our community, Molly Mitchell has helped me
every step of the way. I wrote several dozen schools and only a couple responded.
Of these, Ms. Mitchell has personally escorted me through this process above and
beyond her call of duty. Ms. Mitchell has helped me immensely and has blessed
me with her ability to help me adapt to my circumstances.”
– Rusty O’Brien, Student